Which browser should I use?

That's up to you. Netscape and Explorer are the two most widely pushed, but there are others, often available free on the internet or on those CD-ROMs (note: no apostrophe! The habit of writing CD-ROM's or CD's as a plural is wrong and must stop now, d'you hear!) given free with the more serious computer magazines.

If one layout doesn't suit you, switch to another. Always make the window as large as possible.

Explorer has a clever little trick we mentioned on our opening page. Hit F11 and the top and bottom bars swing out of sight. Then, if there's still junk left on the left, click on that small acorn-shaped icon somewhere in the top left. Move the mouse around (without clicking) and watch the junk slide away. To get it back, press F11 again.

You can also change the size of type if your tired old eyes can't hack it by clicking on VIEW, TEXT SIZE and selecting something you prefer.

I only put tapped into this website and the cat gave one screech and ran off. Now smoke is pouring out of the back of my monitor. What should I do?

This always happens. First, get a new cat from the SPCA. They're cheap enough. Regarding your monitor: we have a friend who will supply you with a complete computer at little more than trade price. He scarcely makes more than a few bucks on the deal, and gives us almost no commission. Trust him.

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