Frequently Asked Questions

Pretty picture of us!

So who are you folks, huh?
We hoped you'd ask us that. We're former poms, somewhat geriatric, who fled to the colonies some three decades back and are starting to enjoy it. Maybe (and then again, maybe not) you'll remember the 'BY GEORGE' column we wrote for Grapevine. Four kids (grown up, they tell us) and at-the-last-count nine grandbrats and two great-grandchildren. We don't belong to or front for any organisation, religious or otherwise. God's out there, he's real and you can get to know him. We just point you in roughly the right direction; you take it from there.

So how do you fellows earn a crust?
Are you kidding? Formerly craftpersons, doing pokerwork. Then farmers, breeding beef cattle and scaring ourselves silly on quads and tractors. Now the government (bless 'em) pay us for being old, so we talk to people and lecture on Israel, trying to put right the porkies that the media tell.

Okay, so what...

Hang on - read the books. There's a fair bit of autobiographical stuff in there. Why should we type it all out again, eh? click here to return to the questions menu.