by George and Eileen Anderson

All sorts of things you learn as kids
And never give much thought;
You almost say them backwards,
'Cause that's how you were taught:
The alphabet, and ten times ten,
There's dates of queens and kings,
Battles and prime ministers
And suchlike stupid things.
You keep 'em in your head, like,
But - some should come from the heart:
Poems and things, and a prayer that begins
(You'll know it)
'Our Father, which art...'
A great little prayer, but for one bit:
'Forgive us our debts' - that's okay,
Then it goes on
'Like we forgive others';
Now, that one's a hard game to play.

Then I found, in a leather-bound Bible,
A tale the Messiah once told
Of a king in a faraway country
With treasure-chests cram-full o' gold.
He'd loaned out a lot to a servant
Who'd gone out and blown the whole stack;
And then came the day when he heard the king say
He wanted the blooming lot back.
The servant was broke and he knew it.
'I can't pay you back, sir,' said he.
Which made the king turn rather nasty
Which wasn't a nice sight to see.
The king sent him down to the gaoler,
A morbid bloke, dressed all in black
Who warmed up, on fires, his thumbscrews and pliers,
And used a device called the Rack.

The servant, who owed that vast fortune
Was frightened as frightened could be.
'Oh, please give me time, king,' he pleaded,
'And I'll try heavens hard to pay thee.'
But he knew, deep inside, it was hopeless,
Till the king - quite a nice king at heart -
'Look, lad, you owe millions;
I'm giving you, free, a new start.'
I forgive you the lot, just like that, son;
You're released from the debt that you owe.
So start a new life, with the kids and your wife
- And don't slam the door as you go.'

Now, the servant skipped off feeling peckish
And a meat pie would be just the job.
And who did he chance to run into
Than a mate who owed him a few bob.
'Hey, you!' yelled the servant, 'Remember
I lent you some money on tick?
I'm hungry and won't stand no nonsense;
You'd better cough up, double quick.'

Now, what that there bloke had forgotten
Was how bad news gets round pretty fast.
And soon the king heard what the servant had done,
And the king, sure enough, was aghast!
'Here, lad,' said the king, somewhat sternly,
'I forgave you a fortune today.
Now I hear you've been threat'ning one of your mates
For a few bob that he cannot pay'

So the servant was sent to the gaoler
Who was quite glad to see him, you bet;
And there isn't a doubt that he'll never get out
Till he pays ev'ry ha'penny of debt.

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